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Marijuana and Driving

Perhaps you remember the expression, “One more for the road”, when hosts would offer their guests one last alcoholic beverage before they headed out. At the time it seemed harmless, […]

Delay the first use of Marijuana

The longer a young person waits to start using marijuana, the fewer consequences they are likely to suffer, according to research.  So, even if you think it is inevitable that […]

Let’s talk about Marijuana

In fact, teens that choose to remain drug free report that their parents are the number one influence in their decision. (Columbia University, Center on Alcohol and Substance Abuse […]

Marijuana then and now

So much has changed since we were growing up. Today’s youth don’t know what a turntable is. They have always made their popcorn in the microwave. They would probably […]

Marijuana impairs learning

“If parents who are spending thousands of dollars on SAT prep courses knew about the cognitive effects marijuana has on their kids’ brains, they would be up in arms” […]