Key organizations and leaders will join together to improve the quantity, quality and consistency of services and opportunities for children and youth to be prepared for college and career finishing strong and drug free.


Enfield Together Coalition is a collaborative effort to improving health outcomes for our community’s youth.


The Enfield Together Coalition implements successful community-based approaches that identify and address local youth substance use problems through the use of a Strategic Prevention Framework.  The idea behind the Strategic Prevention Framework is to use the findings from public health research along with evidence-based prevention programs to build capacity within communities and the prevention field.  In turn, this promotes resilience and decreases risk factors in individuals, families, and communities.


Enfield Together Coalition seeks community members to drive major improvements in youth substance abuse prevention by building from the belief that collective effort is necessary to make large scale change and, therefore, strives to create a community-wide framework that establishes a common goal and shared vision for change in order to facilitate coordinated action.